About MetroPower Florida

Julius Pieper had a vision. You could say a light bulb came on when it came to designing the business. In 1947, he brought to life the first vestiges of our company while working out of a Packard during his off hours from his “day” job. JP operated on the premise that having all the material and tools on hand in the truck would create a viable enterprise.

In 1959, his son Richard joined the company. Richard stayed on and in 1961 purchased the company from his father, which at the time employed eight people. From this humble beginning was born a family of companies that now employs over 1000 highly skilled “service minded” craftspeople with operations covering nine states.

The mission of PPC is to provide technically advanced building services, equipment services, and on-site electrical construction (manufacturing) while maintaining a high quality, low cost advanced service delivery system.

We are directed by Old Testament wisdom and Jesus’ example.


MetroPower, Inc. was organized in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. The business is owned by PPC Partners, Inc., an employee owned company. Over the past two decades, the company has grown to cover a large portion of the Southeast United States with branches in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and now Florida.

MetroPower Vision Statement

As an employee owned company that embraces the principles of Servant Leadership, our vision is to:

  • Create a safety culture that ensures ZERO accidents
  • Grow through skilled and educated people while delivering 100% customer satisfaction
  • Exceed industry profit standards through waste elimination
  • Be good stewards in the communities where we operate